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Readjusted: about, entries, art, oc pages as well as sitemap. Entries page exclusively for journal entries with rss feed; Not exactly a diary, check out the sitemap to find more about the entries. Tacky looking art page, layout stolen from IG and the sketches are cropped into a full square, sorry about that. Oc page: still under-construction. Sitemap; a temple for screenshots, each page deserves a display; nice and agreeable.
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Site is responsive; can be viewed in mobile & desktop: best viewed in chrome, firefox, etc. This layout has been edited from a base code: Xanga Classic layout. Web page dedicated to myself. Read the about page for more information. Or take a look at the sitemap. Art page layout by codepen. Nothing is stolen.

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- Re-reading: Dark Rise by C.S Pacat
- Playing: Maplestory, sims 4, tof
- Watching: the birds

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